how to store wine

How to Store Wine?

How to Store Wine?

From centuries, we associate wine with class and elegance. Whenever you buy a bottle of wine or get a gift from someone, you always have to decide to drink it right away or store it for some occasion. Although storing wine is not rocket science, however, certain conditions need to be met to ensure its longevity without getting wasted. A wine cooler is a good option!

Our ancestors have been storing wine in underground cellars and wine caves to meet the ideal storage conditions of dark and humid. With little effort and time investment, you can always come up with the best possible storage options for your wine collection. So if you are worried about storing your wine and how to avoid the spoiling of wine all you need is the best tips.

For the optimal aging and longer life of your wine, we have come up with beneficial tips and tricks. So keep on reading to enlighten yourself with the wine storage knowledge.

Tips to Store Wine Bottles

Although buying a wine fridge or other cooling cost you, but it is for storing your favorite wine. Finding a suitable place for the wine storage is utmost important as once you find that place, you can then store your unlimited wine bottles there. But that does not mean if you have not any such a place you cannot create one. What you need to do is to make it dark and humid. Here are other solutions which can help you.

Maintain The Cooling:

One of the most significant concerns while storing wine is heat. If the temperature rises from the ideal range, it can flat all the aromas and taste leaving a plane drink for you. So while arranging for storage of wine always ensure the temperature remains within the required range. The ideal range for the wine storage is between 45° F and 65° F. However if you open the bottle in few years, then it is all right if the temperature goes up.

Avoid Refrigerator:

Refrigerators offer the best storage options for a lot of perishable things. However, if you are planning on storing your favorite bottle of wine for a couple of years, the refrigerator is not the right option. As we have discussed earlier low temperature is required for longer storage, so keeping the temperature too low may freeze the liquid. If the liquid got frozen, then it could push out the cork.

A refrigerator is non-moisture place and lack humidity could that cause the corks to dry out. A dry out cork become incapable of blocking the air entering the bottle and thus to spoil the wine.

Maintain Steadiness:

Sustaining the temperature is crucial for the long storage of wine. However, this isn’t the only thing you should worry about. Keeping all your wine bottles in a steady position is also crucial to avoid seepage and opening of cork.

Maintain The Darkness:

For the wine longer storage, always avoid its contact with the sunlight. Have you ever notice why the wineries use tinted glass bottles for the storage of wine? It’s because the ultraviolet rays from the sun cause premature aging and also degrading of wine. The tinted glass acts as sunglasses to prevent the wine from the sun. That’s why the underground cellars are considered the best option for the storage of wine. You can use incandescent bulbs for the required lighting.

Humidity Is Essential:

According to the wine gurus’, humidity is the most crucial factor to store wine for longer periods. However, we suggest keeping a balanced humid environment. The ideal humidity required for storing the wines for years is between 50 to 80 percent where 70 percent is the perfect level.

You must wonder why we are stressing on maintaining the humidity. Well, in a lower humid environment the cork of the wine might get dry and thus allow the entry of air into the bottle. Once the air enters the bottle, it starts the oxidizing process and therefore might lose all the flavors and aromas. If the humidity is too high, it might promote the growth of mold. So always maintain the humidity level within the normal range. You can use a water bowl to handle low humidity issue and can also opt dehumidifier for higher humidity issues.

Sideway Is The Right Way:

The logic behind storing the wine bottle sideways is to keep the cork in touch with the liquid and to keep it moist. As we have mentioned earlier that if the cork gets dry, it cannot stop the outer air from entering the bottle and spoiling the wine. So opt for horizontal storing for your wine bottles.

Avoid Excessive Shaking:

Excessive shaking and vibration can not only damage the flavor but also make your wine gritty and unpleasant. So according to experts avoid the shaking and excessive vibration of the wine. The vibration starts the chemical reaction inside the wine and could prove damaging. With the excessive juddering, the sediments in the wine find it challenging to settle down and starts the aging process. So once you get your bottle of wine, store it in a place where no trembling happen.


Well according to the wine experts, the best possible storage for wine is the dark, humid and stable basement. However, if you are not blessed with anything like that, then you can also manage it somewhere in your house. All you have to do is to find a place where it cannot get in direct contact with the sunlight, air and trembling. You can also opt for the wine cooler or wine fridge.

In this article, we have tried to cover almost everything that needs to be kept in mind while storing wine. We are sure that by adopting the measure mentioned above your wine will stay store longer without getting spoiled. However, if we left any issue unattended let us know in the comment box.