Wine Cooler

Wine Cooler

The primary function of a wine cooler is to keep wines at a specific temperature. The containers for keeping wine are adequately insulated and made up of materials that do not give out heat easily. These materials include neoprene, vinyl, or doubled wall glass, plastic, metal. Or any insulating material that enables the bottles held easily and without leaving behind too much space in the container keeping the wine chilled.

A wine cooler is a perfect cooler that is used in keeping wine chilled and cold. Wine coolers have different shapes and sizes, they may be small as a tabletop container, used to cool wine or as big as a refrigerator that can hold many bottles of wine.

Handheld Coolers

Handheld coolers are made from vinyl or neoprene are fabricated in such a way that it can be used for carrying & keeping bottles cold at all times for various activities like parties or a picnic that is not far away. This is because handheld wine coolers only keep wine chilled for a little period. Maybe for one to three hours. The wine chilled by the handhelds are made to be kept in the freezer before use. They are flexible, insulated and they are fabricated to hold only a few bottles of wine. Some handheld wine coolers are made with a shoulder strap to make it easy to carry around while others are made with their hands open making it easy to grasp the top of the cooler when carrying them.

wine cooler
Wine Cooler

The Wine Fridge

Wine fridges are made in different styles, sizes, shapes, and even function.They maintain the temperature of the wine at a particular temperature. This temperature is usually set by the user. You can buy a small wine fridge or a bigger one. The aim of this refrigerator is to make sure that you get your wine at the right temperature needed. Due to technology advancement wine coolers, refrigerators and even wine vaults now have an electronic regulator or device used for monitoring their temperature.

Technology has also made not only the temperature to be controlled, cooling and circulation are also controlled by means of an electronic device.  Also to make the wine and bottles safe in the wine cooler, it is vital to know the right temperature the bottles can withs tand, this information is found on the bottle coding. With the help of technology also you can regulate the temperature to suit the bottle requirement.

Important Facts About Wine Coolers

Are you a wine cooler owner? The following information will help you to keep your wine, and it’s cooler safe.

Wine coolers get damage when they are left to lye on the floor. When transporting wine coolers, it is essential to know that it must be held in an upright position at all times. This is because the compressor and it’s cooling system can get damaged if it is left lying on the ground. Is therefore advisable to have professionals do your wine cooler delivery, this is to ensure the safety of the cooler.

The wine cooler should not be plugged immediately after it’s delivery, this ensures that the winner cooler is in a leveled position after transportation. The ideal time to wait before plugging the cooler is about six to twelve hours after transportation. The wine bottles can be fixed inside the cooler with that amount of time.

Every wine cooler manufacturer specifies the bottle type that can be cooled by the cooler and also the bottle capacity of the wine cooler. It is important to use the wine cooler to chill the right wine bottle it is meant for. The wine cooler should not be filled to its maximum capacity leaving no space. This is because little space is required for better circulation of air in the cooler.

More Tips

The first time you run your wine cooler, you will notice that it will run a lot to cool down all the bottles inside. This is because the system is starting for the first time. In the beginning, you are most likely to hear sound louder than usual; the cooler will also start and stop abnormally.

A wine cooler usually sounds like a refrigerator; this is because of the fans inside the cabinet that helps in cold air distribution for maximum temperature in the cooler. The acoustic of the room where the cooler is located is another factor that determines the noise generated by the wine cooler.

Once the cooler is up and running, you will most likely notice temperature fluctuations; this is very normal for a wine cooler. The fluctuations will just be for only a few degrees, and it won’t affect the temperature of the wine, this is because it takes time for the wine to lose it coldness.

Tips On How To Store Your Wine

Proper storage is required for the enjoyment of wine. This is quite important in keeping your wine from being damaged. The following tips will help you in keeping your wine safe no matter which way you decide to store them.

The wine should be kept in a place far away from vibration. If you are using a refrigerator, it is advisable not to keep it in the laundry room. A place free of vibration is the ideal location for keeping wine.

Wine reacts to significant changes in temperature over time. This is why the refrigerator is one of the best places to store your wine. The wine cooler should be placed in an area with a constant power supply; this is to avoid fluctuations of temperatures. It is also essential to keep the cooler in an area that is cold and chilled in the house, preferably the basement; this is to ensure minimum cold lost after power loss.

The wine should also be stored on its side, the reason for this is to keep the cork moist at all times. When the cork is stored standing, air can easily enter through the cork because it is not moist. The air entering the wine will make it go bad in no time. The refrigerator is used should have racks when the wine bottles can lie on their sides.

Another factor to take note when storing wine is humidity control. If the storage location is not humid, the cork can dry out, and air can go into the bottle, making the wine bad. A refrigerator is made to keep the appropriate humidity for better storage.

Tips to consider when buying a wine cooler

There is a lot of refrigerators out there in the market, to chose from when buying a refrigerator. The first factor to consider when shopping for one is your budget. Some of the factors that need proper consideration are the listed below

    1. The space available in your room
    2. The number of wine bottles you desire to store.
    3. Features of the refrigerator and the units.

Freestanding refrigerator:  These are refrigerators with high capacity ranging from more than 100 bottles. The main advantage of this refrigerator is convenience. It can be kept anywhere in the home, and you can also purchase it easily because it is quite cheap.

Built-in refrigerator: These are refrigerators that can fit under the counter. They are mainly made to contain 25 to 50 bottles although there are bigger versions of the refrigerator.